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About Al-Haqqaniyya Arabic College- Daskara. 
Sri Lanka.

 Assalamu Alaikum Warahmathullahi Wabarakathuhu

           The above mentioned college is situated in Kandy where Muslims live in minority.  The Sri Lankan Muslims are facing many challenges and severe problems. Less number of Arabic colleges that have been formed to educate our society is the next problem we have, therefore those who work in the path of Allah realised the problem and accordingly with the help of all mighty Allah we started this college in 1999/05/05.


           At the beginning this college started with 22 students and a teacher, and now it comprises  more than three hundred students, 35 well known lecturers, 10 employees and required number of administrators .Our mission is to produce Muslim scholars who have the ability to face the challenges imposed by the society according to the Quran and Sunnah.


          Our managing committee consists of lecturers who are well known in the service of Dhawa, and 13 businessmen who are able to run an effective committee.Al Haj. M.I.A.M.Hanifa (Bahji) serves as the President of this committee having many years of experience, Yusuf Mufti (Binnuri) as the Vice President and Al Haj. Lafeer (Mursi) as the Principal.




Objectives of our college;

·        Developing the society through producing students who have memorized the Holy Qur’an and live based on Quranic knowledge.

·        Spreading Islamic knowledge and attitudes.

·        Participate in Dhawa activities.

·        Creating an environment where Muslims can learn Islam according to an orderly manner.

In Oder to achieve the above mentioned objectives, it is working under three sections.




Under this section our syllabus consists of Thafseer, Hadees, Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic Akeedha knowledge, Islamic History, Islamic Economics, Islamic Banking, Arabic Language, and Arabic Literature and according to the requirements it includes many other subjects. Duration of this course is 7 years.



Under this section, our syllabus focuses on teaching how to produce accurate recital of Holy Qur’an according to thajweed base etc. Duration of this course is 4 years.




This syllabus has been structured based on government school syllabus and includes Maths, Science, Geography, Social Studies, and Information Technologies etc.


Note: there is a condition that, this syllabus is taught in-between the duration of Islamic educational section and the holy Quran memorizing section.




            With the Blessing of Almighty Allah it has been achieving many goals from the time it started though it under went many difficulties. The following are few among the achievements.


·        Production of 124 Hafils.

·        Production of 20 Muslims scholars who have completed Islamic education.

·        Currently some of them are studying at foreign universities.

·        Seminars were organised in order to develop the virtues of the students.

·        The Madrasa compound consist of 2 three storied buildings with prayer room, class room, library, computer lab, science lab, hostel for students, staff rooms, kitchen , dinning room etc.




·        There is an urgent requirement to build up another building for class room, guests lodge, patient’s rooms, assembly hall, etc. For this purpose the estimated amount is US$200,000.

·        The estimated monthly expenses are US$.15,000

·        Books, Islamic novels and Islamic news papers are required for our library.

·        Hostels for lecturers and employees are required too.




May Allah bless you too among those who have served to develop the Islamic Dhawa. Aameen!

 To fulfil our requirements above mentioned, we request yourself to help us with in your ability.


NOTE: To full fill some of the requirements a few brothers accepted voluntarily. May Allah bless them all!


To full fill these requirements, we expect that in the name of Allah you will help us.

May Allah bless them all with his mercy for Sathaqathuljariya activities!


The principal

ASheik M. H. M. Lafir

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