The Holy Quran And Modern Science


The Water cycle

In 1580 Sir. Bernad was the first man to describe “water cycle”. He described how water evaporates and cools to form as clouds the clouds condensed and fall as Rain. This water gets collected and again it starts to evaporate.

Before 1400 years Allah states in the holy Quran :

“See you not that Allah sends clown water (rain) from the sky, and courses it to penetrate the earth.(and then make it to spring up) as water-springs”

(Chap: 39 Verse: 21)

And also

“And among his sings is that he shows the lightning for fear and hope, and he sends down water from the sky, and therewith the earth after it’s death verily in that are indeed sings for people who understands”

(Chap: 30 Verse : 24)

A.A.M. Fazlan [392].

Grade 8E.


Al-Haqqaniyya Arabic College.